the ultimate argument writing prompt list

As every parent or middle school teacher knows, students have strong opinions! Unfortunately, there are few opportunities in any given school day for them to have the platform to share them. Fortunately, there is one sacred space in the ELA world for students’ opinions, and it’s right at the heart of an argumentative unit. To help you tap into those strong feelings, here are 80 argument writing prompts to inspire your middle school students in their next writing assignment.

Argument Writing Prompts: School

  1. Should homework be banned?
  2. Do standardized tests effectively measure student achievement?
  3. Should schools stop handing out number grades?
  4. Should schools be required to offer healthier lunch options?
  5. Should schools teach students how to cook?
  6. Should physical education be a required course throughout high school?
  7. Should students be required to volunteer a certain number of hours before graduation?
  8. Should art or music courses be required throughout high school?
  9. Should all sports be co-ed?
  10. Does class size matter?
  11. Should students be required to wear uniforms?
  12. Should schools have dress codes?
  13. Should the school day start later?
  14. Should the school day or school year be shorter?
  15. Should the school week always be 4 days and the weekend 3 days?
  16. Should students be allowed to grade their teachers?
  17. Should schools offer more mental health resources for students?
  18. Should students be allowed to have cell phones at school?
  19. Should schools be required to participate in school-wide recycling programs?
  20. Should the government provide free college education?
  21. Should good grades guarantee a scholarship for post-secondary?
  22. Should schools provide free pads and tampons?
  23. Should yearbooks be free to all students?

Argument Writing Prompts: Society and Culture

  1. Should the voting age be lowered? To what age and why?
  2. Should the government regulate the amount of sugar in food and drinks?
  3. Should the government provide free public transportation?
  4. Should the government provide free childcare to working parents?
  5. Should the government provide free housing to all citizens?
  6. Is climate change caused by human activity?
  7. Should single-use plastic (like straws or bags) be banned?
  8. Should bottled water be banned?
  9. Should genetically modified organisms (GMOs) be used in food production?
  10. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  11. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  12. Should there be stricter gun control laws?
  13. Should the government provide universal healthcare to all citizens?
  14. Should athletes and celebrities make more money than the average person?
  15. Should daylight savings time be abandoned?
  16. Should all clothing just be sold as unisex or gender-neutral?
  17. Should toys be advertised and sold as gender-neutral?

Argument Writing Prompts: Animals

  1. Should zoos be outlawed? Should animals be kept in captivity?
  2. Should hunting and fishing be outlawed as a sport?
  3. Should animal testing be banned?
  4. Is it ethical to keep exotic animals as pets?
  5. Should we clone animals?
  6. Should the sale of fur clothing or leather be prohibited?
  7. Should there be stricter laws to protect endangered species?
  8. Is it appropriate to use animals for mental health purposes?
  9. Should humans be allowed to manipulate ecosystems (introduce new species, population control, change migration patterns, etc.)
  10. Should humans be allowed to use animals for entertainment (i.e. circuses, shows, etc.)?

Argument Writing Prompts: Technology

  1. Should screen time be limited for kids?
  2. Should students be allowed to access their own devices throughout the school day?
  3. Should schools provide all students with their own laptops?
  4. Should kids’ social media access be limited or regulated?
  5. Is internet access a fundamental human right?
  6. Should images in magazines, advertisements, or online be allowed to be photoshopped?
  7. Should violent video games have a required age to play?
  8. Should video games be considered a sport?
  9. Should driverless cars be banned?
  10. Should facial recognition software be allowed in public spaces?
  11. Should there be a dislike button (as well as a like button) on social media?
  12. How does technology affect mental health?
  13. Should there be regulations on the use of artificial intelligence?
  14. How does technology impact face-to-face communication?
  15. What are the benefits and drawbacks of using technology in the classroom?
  16. Should there be laws against online trolling and cyberbullying?

Argument Writing Prompts: Miscellaneous

  1. Should all kids have a curfew?
  2. Should kids get an allowance?
  3. Should kids be required to do household chores?
  4. At what age should kids be allowed to stay home alone?
  5. Should paparazzi be allowed to take photos of celebrities’ underage children?
  6. Are conspiracy theories dangerous or harmless?
  7. Should you accept a reward for doing the right thing?
  8. Should the driving age be lowered?
  9. Should clowns be banned?
  10. Should you feel guilty about killing small bugs like spiders or ants?
  11. Should ______ (cheerleading, football, golf, pickleball) be an Olympic sport?
  12. What is the impact of music lyrics on teens?
  13. Is it appropriate for celebrities to use their platform to raise awareness about social issues?
  14. Should schools have the right to search student backpacks, phones, and laptops??

As a bonus question, ask your students what they feel strongly about in the world. That question is sure to spark meaningful conversations and encourage students to explore new ideas.

What would you add to this list of argument writing prompts? Let’s shoot for 100, so drop your ideas in the comments below or find me on IG!