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  • parts of speech escape roomQuick View

    Parts of Speech Escape Room Review Activity


    Facilitating your parts of speech review doesn’t have to be a bore! With this parts of speech escape room, your students will love trying to crack the codes while reviewing key content. Each breakout task offers an interactive and memorable way for students to demonstrate understanding.

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    Parts of Speech Scavenger Hunt Activity


    Are your students ready to test their knowledge of all eight parts of speech? Check out this scavenger hunt activity that will have your students reviewing foundational content in a challenging and kinesthetic way. One question will lead them to another, and with a little bit of hard work, they’ll make to the end! All eight parts of speech are included: nouns, verbs, pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions, and interjections. There are specific questions pertaining to the various types of pronouns, verbs, and conjunctions, therefore I strongly recommend this activity for 6th grade and up!

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    Parts of Speech Unit Review For Middle School – Lessons, Activities, Quizzes

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    Struggling to find an engaging and challenging Parts of Speech unit that has it all? These parts of speech mini-lessons cover all nine parts of speech and come complete with instructional slide decks, worksheets, activities, and exit tickets! Teacher prep is truly minimal as this resource comes with both digital and printable options!

  • phrases and clauses minilessonQuick View

    Phrases and Clauses – Independent and Dependent – Grammar Lessons & Worksheets


    If planning your grammar lessons on phrases and clauses and independent and dependent clauses has you feeling less than thrilled, let me help! This CLAUSE CAFE mini-unit will make teaching phrases, clauses, and sentence types a sweet treat. From the editable presentation to the interactive activities, worksheets, and quizzes, this resource has it all!

  • phrases and clauses task card reviewQuick View

    Phrases and Clauses Task Cards


    Help your students master phrases and clauses with an engaging set of task cards! This phrase vs. clause review will help your students feel more confidence differentiating between phrases and clauses in no time. Best of all, this resource requires NO PREP, whether you prefer to assign it digitally or on paper.

  • plot structureQuick View

    Plot Diagram Mini-Lesson | Plot Structure Practice with Pixar & Greek Myths!


    Do your students need practice with the plot diagram? I’ve got you covered! With this no-prep mini-lesson, you’ll have everything you need to teach your students the plot structure and give them plenty of opportunities to practice. From Pixar shorts to podcasts to Greek Myths, mastering the plot elements has never been easier!

  • Poetry Structure MinilessonQuick View

    Poetry Forms and Structure Mini-Lesson – Presentation, Worksheets, Scavenger Hunt


    Make teaching poetry forms and structure fun with this complete mini-lesson and an interactive scavenger hunt! This Poetry Structure mini-lesson includes a no-prep editable presentation, a student note catcher, two practice worksheets, and a fun question trail review. This makes the perfect lesson for exploring poetry structures in an easy and engaging way. Quick and easy setup, plus digital options for virtual learners or tech-infused classrooms!

  • poetry glow day stationsQuick View

    Poetry Glow Day Stations – Analysis Activities to Use With Any Poem!


    Want to end your poetry unit on a high note? Why not encourage students to “GLOW WHAT YOU KNOW” with these Poetry Glow Day Stations? Students will be so engaged with the environment of the task that they won’t even realize they are analyzing poetry! What’s better is that this activity can be used with ANY poem.

  • poetry quick writeQuick View

    Poetry Quick Writes


    Studying poetry? Why not invite your students to try out different poetic techniques in their writing journals every day? This set of poetry quick writes takes just 5-10 minutes per day and invites students to try out a variety of craft moves and ideas for exploration. 30 days of quick write prompts are included!

  • point of viewQuick View

    Point of View Mini-Lesson | First, Second, and Third Person POV Scavenger Hunt


    Teaching your point of view mini-lesson is effortless & engaging with this complete resource! Save valuable planning time and give your students the tools they need to understand first, second, and third person P.O.V. Using the editable slideshow, you’ll have everything you need to teach your lesson. Then, send your students on a scavenger hunt to find examples of each. Afterward, they will watch short films and evaluate the impact of each point of view.

  • prepositional phrase activities for middle schoolQuick View

    Prepositional Phrase Activities, Worksheets, and PowerPoint for Middle School


    If you’re searching for prepositional phrase activities, don’t miss this mini-unit! This Prepositional Phrases mini-lesson contains a PowerPoint and paired worksheets and activities that will make teaching grammar a breeze. You’ll find this all-in-one resource to be both engaging and effective at helping students understand prepositional phrases. Best of all, this resource requires NO PREP, whether you prefer to assign it digitally or on paper.

  • prepositions minilessonQuick View

    Prepositions Worksheets, Directed Drawing & Creative Writing Activities & More!


    Are you looking for fun ways to teach or review prepositions with your middle school students? You’ll love this robust resource that covers prepositions in a FUN & thorough way! Students will learn about prepositions of time, prepositions of location, and prepositional phrases with these EASY & ENJOYABLE done-for-you resources. You’ll love using the editable PowerPoint, and your students will love the interactive and creative preposition worksheets and activities.

  • rainbow watercolor reading genre postersQuick View

    Rainbow Watercolor Reading Genre Posters for Bulletin Boards – EDITABLE


    Ready to give your students some guidance in your classroom library? Grab these editable reading genre posters that have a rainbow watercolor theme! This printable genre poster set includes over 30 common book genre posters and an editable PowerPoint for you to edit or customize the posters as you wish.

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    Ray Bradbury Short Story Activities and Escape Rooms for Middle School ELA

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    Are you searching high and low for engaging & interactive activities featuring Ray Bradbury’s short stories? Stop the search and look no further than this Ray Bradbury Short Story Bundle that includes activities, worksheets, and escape rooms for “The Veldt” and “Zero Hour.” These two dystopian short stories offer a chilling warning about the dangers of technology and the minds of our youth.

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    Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt Activities & Escape Room Bundle

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    Ray Bradbury’s short stories are always a hit with the students. This bundle of “The Veldt Activities & Escape Room” is no different! These short story activities and culminating escape room will ensure the dystopian short story is memorable for years to come. You’ll receive engaging and creative activities that will encourage your students to interact with The Veldt in various, high-level ways.

  • zero hour short story activities and worksheetsQuick View

    Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour Short Story Activities and Worksheets


    Looking for a new scary story to study this fall? Try a Ray Bradbury favorite – Zero Hour! This packet of Zero Hour short story activities and worksheets will give your students plenty of engaging ways to interact with the scary story. A wide variety of no-prep activities are included, making it easy for you to differentiate your instruction, extend the learning for your early finishers, or provide student choice. Printable? Digital? It’s all included to save YOU time.