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    Daily Writing Prompts to Develop Narrative Writing Techniques in Middle School


    Get access to over 200 Narrative Writing Prompts that will accelerate your middle school students’ narrative writing techniques! These ready-to-use daily quick writes focus on various narrative techniques, including dialogue, imagery, perspective, characterization, and more.

    Check out the PREVIEW to see everything included, and download a FREE sample here.

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  • digital literature circlesQuick View

    Digital Literature Circles for Book Clubs – Reading Roles for ANY Novel!


    Middle School teachers and students love this digital twist on traditional literature circles! Ditch the paper and promote modern collaboration in your literature circles by utilizing these editable roles and rubrics with any novel! This resource will help you run your lit circles successfully from start to finish.

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    Doodle Coloring Pages for Refugee by Alan Gratz


    Are you reading Refugee by Alan Gratz with middle school students? If you have a few students who struggle to sit still, try these Doodle Coloring Pages for Refugee to create a soothing listening activity that students will thoroughly enjoy. These listening activities combine quotes from the novel and Zentangle-like patterns that are perfect to use during reading or for fast finishers. There are seven templates with three different styles, so the resource is extremely flexible to meet your teaching needs.

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  • drama analysis brochuresQuick View

    Drama Analysis Brochures – Analyze the Elements of Drama with Any Script or Play


    Analyzing dramas and plays has never been easier than with these interactive brochures! Use these drama analysis brochures with any script, radio play, teleplay, or live performance to encourage your students to think about both the story elements AND elements of drama at work! With each panel, students will consider the drama from a different angle. Easy to use, flexible, and low-prep.

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  • ela teacher plannerQuick View

    ELA Teacher Planner 2023-2024 – Editable Weekly Planner Template for Canva


    Take control of your planner this year with our editable 2023-2024 ELA teacher planner, tailored for middle school language arts teachers. It’s time to stay organized and inspired, and this weekly planner template, editable on Canva, will help you do just that!

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    Elements of Drama Mini-Unit – Introduce Dramatic Elements & Analyze Any Play!


    Getting ready to introduce your students to the literary genre of drama? Make your elements of drama mini-unit interactive, engaging, and unforgettable with these activities! I’ll help you break down the elements of drama in easy, digestible ways for your middle school students, and they’ll love the paired doodle notes! Then, pair the drama analysis brochures with ANY script or play!

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  • elements of fiction assessmentQuick View

    Elements of Fiction Assessment – An EDITABLE 6th Grade End of Unit Reading Test


    Looking for a standards-aligned elements of fiction assessment you can use to wrap up your most recent reading unit? This editable end of unit test will help you measure your 6th graders understanding of the short story elements in no time! Why recreate the wheel when you can easily customize this resource to fit the unique, individual needs of your students?

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    Elements of Fiction Minilesson | Plot, Setting, Characters, Conflict, & Theme


    Launch your fiction unit STRESS-FREE with this Elements of Fiction minilesson! The ready-to-use slideshow and paired interactive notes will walk your students through the elements of plot, conflict, characters, setting, and theme. This easy-to-use resource offers a quick and easy way to refresh students’ skills with reading literature.

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    Elements of Fiction Unit | Short Story Elements Mini-Lessons


    Preparing your fiction unit has never been easier than with these elements of fiction mini-lessons. These lessons and activities on characters, setting, conflict, plot, theme, and point of view come with editable presentations and engaging and interactive activities. Teaching the story elements is as easy as 1-2-3 with this complete unit!

    These literary element mini-lessons are perfect to use throughout your unit as whole-group lessons or as stations! Everything comes in both digital and printable options, so students can access what they need without you having to do extra work!

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    Elements of Literature Unit Introductions & Doodle Note One Pagers


    If you’re a middle school teacher, this Genre Introduction bundle is just what you need to jump-start your units. Teaching the elements of fiction, nonfiction, arguments, poetry, and drama have never been easier. This mini-bundle will help you introduce each unit and lay solid foundations for the different elements. Perfect to use for regular ELA, remedial classes, reviews, and more!

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  • nonfiction text introductionQuick View

    Elements of Nonfiction Introduction – All About Informational Text


    Are you looking for engaging ways to introduce your informational text unit? This Elements of Nonfiction introduction is a great place to start. With the no-prep slideshow and paired note-taker, your students will briefly review the essential elements of nonfiction text. This informational text introduction is a quick and easy way to refresh students’ nonfiction skills and set your unit up for success!

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    Elements of Nonfiction Text Unit | A Comprehension Toolkit | Intermediate ELA Minilessons


    Launching your nonfiction text unit? Get access to thorough, research-based nonfiction mini-lessons and activities that you can feel good about! This nonfiction comprehension toolkit breaks down the elements of nonfiction in easy, digestible ways for middle school students. These nonfiction reading lessons are perfect to use for regular ELA, intervention classes, station rotations, and more!

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  • sound devices in poetryQuick View

    Elements of Poetry Sound Devices Mini-Lesson


    Are you looking for an engaging and educational way to teach the nuances of sound devices in poetry to your students? Then look no further than this Poetry Sound Devices Mini-Lesson! This comprehensive mini-lesson covers everything from rhythm, meter, and rhyme to assonance, consonance, alliteration, and even onomatopoeia!

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    Elements of Poetry Unit for Middle School | Poetry Analysis Mini-Lessons


    Get Access to 8 Complete Poetry Mini-Lessons Guaranteed to Make Simplify Your Poetry Unit! Teachers love this comprehensive bundle that breaks down the elements of poetry into simple, digestible lessons proven to engage students and cover critical content. Each lesson comes ready-to-use with slideshows, interactive notetakers, and fun activities for middle school students.

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  • Elements of Poetry Unit IntroductionQuick View

    Elements of Poetry Unit Introduction


    Introducing your students to the world of poetry is as easy as 1-2-3 using this Elements of Poetry Unit Introduction! With the no-prep slide deck and paired guided notetaker, your students will briefly review poetry form and structure, poetic devices, voice, and theme. This poetry unit intro is a quick and easy way to refresh students’ skills in reading and analyzing poetry!

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  • establishing setting writing promptsQuick View

    Establishing Setting – Narrative Writing Prompts for Middle School


    Help your students with establishing setting in their narrative writing with these visual writing prompts. Your students will LOVE creating unique settings in response to these prompts. These slides are quick and easy to assign or display and take just 5-10 minutes per day, making them perfect ELA warm-ups, bell-ringers, or stations!

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