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    Verbals Lesson, Worksheets, & Color by Number -Gerunds, Infinitives, Participles


    Understanding verbals is tricky for middle schoolers, but this all-in-one resource will help you teach gerunds, participles, and infinitives in an approachable and fun way! With the guided mini-lesson, you’ll introduce students to the different “imposters.” Then, you’ll break down each one and practice with the various included worksheets. This resource is truly NO PREP, whether you’re assigning it digitally or on paper!

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    Winter Color-by-Code Types of Analogies Coloring Pages – CCSS.L.5


    These fun & festive Winter Color-by-Code – Types of Analogies worksheets are the perfect pre-winter break send-off for your ELA students! This print-and-go resource will promote critical thinking in a fun and festive way, with five pages featuring word analogies related to the winter. So grab your colored pencils and get ready to help your students build linguistic connections as they bring these color-by-code pages to life!

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    Word Analogies for Middle School – A Color by Code Vocabulary Bundle – CCSS.L.5


    Looking for a fun and engaging way to boost your students’ vocabulary skills? Say hello to this bundle of color by code worksheets centered around word analogies for middle school! This unique approach to teaching word relationships offers the perfect blend of education and entertainment. These print-and-go worksheets will have your students thinking critically with their colored pencils in hand. The mini-lesson, task cards, and color-by-codes for various holidays will help you tackle standard L.5. like a pro!

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  • writing dialogueQuick View

    Writing Dialogue – Narrative Writing Prompts for Middle School


    Do your students need help writing dialogue in authentic and purposeful ways? You’ll love these writing prompts that will give your students practice using dialogue in creative and engaging ways with just 5-10 minutes per day. These slides are quick and easy to assign or display, making them perfect ELA warm-ups, bell-ringers, or stations!

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    Writing Prompt BUNDLE – Narrative, Informational, Argument, & Poetry Genres


    Teachers, if you are looking for ways to improve your middle school students’ writing skills, I highly encourage you to try using quick writes each day! This quick write bundle will give you four different genres of quick writes – each containing 30 prompts! That’s a total of 120 days worth of low-pressure writing prompts!

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  • zero hour by ray bradbury escape roomQuick View

    Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury Escape Room – A Fun Story Elements Review!


    Teachers, this Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury Escape Room is guaranteed to get your students fired up after reading Ray Bradbury’s chilling dystopian short story! Your students will love putting their knowledge to the test to crack the codes and escape the invasion, and you will love seeing them review key content in a challenging way!

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    Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury Mini-Unit – Activity & Escape Room Bundle


    Ray Bradbury’s lesser-known short story “Zero Hour” is a fantastic literary work to use in conjunction with The Veldt as you study dystopian literature. With this Zero Hour by Ray Bradbury Mini-Unit, you’ll ensure the chilling short story is memorable for years to come. You’ll receive engaging and creative activities that will encourage your students to interact with the text in various, high-level ways.

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