Understanding Theme in Poetry Mini-Lesson | Slideshow & Blackout Activity


Your students are having a BLAST showing their artistic side while analyzing poetry. Why? Because you’ve taught them how to identify and understand theme in poetry using blackout! It’s like blackout poetry with a twist. Using this no-prep mini-lesson, you’ll guide students through an easy process for peeling back the poem’s theme, then let them unfurl their creativity!


In this fun poetry activity, each student will create their own blackout poem to reveal the theme of their poem. Choose from any of the six included poems, or use the template to add your own poems or incorporate student choice. The end result? A classroom full of artistic poems with theme statements based on the topic, details, and speaker’s reflection.

This Theme in Poetry Mini-lesson Includes:

  • Editable No-Prep Slideshow (PowerPoint and Google Slides)
  • Six Theme in Poetry Blackout Activities
  • Template to Use with Your Own Favorite Poem or Incorporate Student Choice!
  • Two Examples


Use this poetry activity as a station rotation, whole class, or with your remedial/intervention class as a fun reteach. It’s easy to differentiate this poetry lesson by offering different poems of varying complexity.

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