The Million Word Reading Challenge – An EDITABLE Independent Reading Tracker


Inspire a love for reading in your middle school students this year with the Million Word Reading Challenge – an inclusive alternative to independent reading logs and the 40 book challenge! This fun & editable reading challenge will help you encourage any and all reading in your classroom this year as students strive to read 1,000,000 words!


How does the 1,000,000-word reading challenge work?

  • Students read (or listen to) ANY book they choose.
  • When they complete a book, students use the included resources to locate the word count.
  • They log and calculate their totals in the customizable reading tracker.

It’s as easy (and engaging) as that! No prescribed genres and no logging pages read each day. Simply read, record completed books in the reading tracker, and celebrate!

How will I help you be successful with your Million Word Reading Challenge?

I’ve included tips and tricks I’ve learned over the past several years of running this challenge. To get your middle school students excited about reading, I’ve included:

  • 1,000,000 Word Bulletin Board Materials (Banners, Instructions, Milestone Plaques)
  • Word Counter Resources
  • Independent Reading Logs (to record completed books)
  • Certificates & Reading Incentive Ideas for Milestone Achievements
  • EDITABLE files for you to customize your reading challenge!

Why Choose the Million Word Reading Challenge Over the 40 Book Challenge

In 5th-7th grade, most teachers have one goal: to get students to LOVE reading. With this inclusive approach, students of all reading levels and interests can participate and excel. No longer will they feel discouraged by book length, reading levels, or genre restrictions. By aiming for 1,000,000 words, they have the freedom to choose any book that captures their interest.

Let’s create an independent reading movement that fosters a love for reading without the limitations of the 40 book challenge!

✎ For more information, click here to read my full blog post on implementing the Million Word Reading Challenge in your classroom!


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