The Hollow Podcast Study Activities – A Modern Sleepy Hollow Tale for Halloween


Exciting Halloween fun awaits with The Hollow podcast study! Boost listening comprehension with engaging activities perfect for the spooky season. Your upper elementary or middle school students will explore literary elements, enjoy coloring sheets, and refresh their vocabulary skills. No prep, just pure enjoyment. Does it get any better?


► What is The Hollow?

The Hollow is an 8-episode podcast that reimagines the tale of the Headless Horseman. Each episode ranges from 12-18 minutes and seeks to answer the question: was Irving’s horseman truly a terrifying ghoul, or was he simply misunderstood?

This podcast is an ideal pairing for Washington Irving’s “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow” and lends itself well to a fantastic compare-and-contrast activity.

Plug in The Hollow podcast study in the weeks leading up to Halloween for a modern-day eerie atmosphere!

► What do the listening comprehension activities look like?

Each episode of The Hollow brings various opportunities for your students!

Explore the elements of literature and drama with:

  • BINGO Cards: Can students spot the literary elements in each podcast? 5 in a row is BINGO!
  • Coloring Sheets: Have your bring each Halloween episode to life by coloring these one-of-a-kind illustrations.
  • Podcast Listening Comprehension Tasks: Make predictions, catch the plot twists and puns, complete word searches and scrambles, and much more!

Feel free to mix and match the podcast activities you plan for each episode!

► Why You’ll Love It:

The Hollow offers a unique way to boost listening skills while leaning into the Halloween vibe. With these podcast activities tailored specifically for your middle schoolers, it offers a no-prep, engaging addition to your lesson plans!


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