Subjects of a Sentence Minilesson – Simple, Compound, Complete


Do your students need a quick review on the subject of a sentence? With this subject mini-unit, all of the work is done for you! Students will review simple, compound, and complete subjects with an editable slideshow and various practice worksheets, and you can check for understanding at the end with a quiz. Geared for middle school students, you’ll find these activities have just the right amount of challenge and humor to make your grammar tasks more enjoyable. Digital & printable versions are provided!


This resource includes:

↠ A 12-Slide Editable PowerPoint/Google Slideshow

↠ 3 Different Practice Activities/Worksheets

↠ Mastery Checkpoint/Exit Ticket

↠ Answer Keys

What grade level is this best for?

I designed this resource to use with my 6th grade Language Arts class. It can easily be used for 5th or 7th-grade classrooms as well, but please use your professional discretion.

What prep is required?

The beauty of this purchase is that it is easy to print or assign & go! No additional prep is required.

Seller’s note: The digital versions are Google Drive resources. Your purchase will come with “Force Copy” links and will add the files to your Google Drive.

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