Sorry Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher – Elements of Drama Activities for RL.6.7


Make reviewing the elements of drama unforgettable with Lucille Fletcher’s short story Sorry Wrong NumberThis 5-day lesson plan includes an editable PowerPoint & Google Slides slideshow, plus various student activities that promote deeper thinking about the elements of drama and the elements of fiction. Easy to use, highly engaging, and no prep. Could it get any better?


With this lesson plan, students will experience “Sorry, Wrong Number” in two different ways. After building some essential background knowledge about rotary phones and switchboard operators, students will read the script and reflect on various elements of fiction and drama.

Then, they will listen to the original teleplay and see firsthand how dramatic elements enhance the story!

Here’s what’s included:

  • Teacher Slideshow (editable)
  • Elements of Drama Analysis
  • Elements of Fiction Analysis
  • Compare/Contrast Activity (RL.6.7, RL.7.7)
  • Dramatic Irony Activity
  • Character Analysis
  • Quiz
  • Creative Writing Task

“Sorry, Wrong Number” is the perfect drama for middle school because it’s suspenseful, it piques student curiosity about how phones used to work, and it offers a unique opportunity to review a wide variety of skills.

Everything in this resource is printable and digital, so you don’t have to worry about adapting activities for different circumstances or student needs. You can also edit the slideshow & the worksheets!

The ZIP File Includes:

  • Editable PowerPoint Presentation
  • Editable PowerPoint Worksheets/Activities
  • “Sorry, Wrong Number” Activities PDF (links to Google versions on pg. 4)


Supports Common Core Standards (CCSS):

  • RL.6.3, RL6.5, RL.6.7
  • RL7.3, RL.7.7


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