Poetry Glow Day Stations – Analysis Activities to Use With Any Poem!


Want to end your poetry unit on a high note? Why not encourage students to “GLOW WHAT YOU KNOW” with these Poetry Glow Day Stations? Students will be so engaged with the environment of the task that they won’t even realize they are analyzing poetry! What’s better is that this activity can be used with ANY poem.


There are FOUR Poetry Glow Day Stations included:

  • Station 1: Form and Structure
  • Station 2: Poetic Devices
  • Station 3: Poetic Voice
  • Station 4: Theme

Each poetry analysis station provides a step-by-step guide to purposeful annotation (with a GLOWING highlighter) and focused reflection questions.

*Specific poems are not included. Instead, I provide a list of recommended poems. Of course, if you’ve “saved the best for last”, use your favorite poem instead!

What do I need to set up my Poetry Glow Day?

You can read this blog post for a full explanation of running your poetry glow day.

Do I have to have black lights and glow sticks to use this?

Nope! I get it. Just turn out the lights, project a neon background video from YouTube, and use highlighters or the glowing slides! It doesn’t take much to wow students sometimes!

How long does this activity take?
This was designed to fulfill one class period. 10 minutes per station seemed to be adequate for my students, but it also depends on the poem(s) you are using.

Any other questions? Send me an email at info@heynatayle.com and I’ll get back to you within 24 hours!

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