New Year’s Station Activities – Year in Review, Goal Setting, & More!


This set of New Year’s Station Activities is the perfect way to welcome your students back to school and get them excited about the upcoming year. These stations will build your classroom community and encourage your students to reflect on the past year while planning for the future. Engage your students and help them start off the year on the right foot with these creative and fun stations!


What’s Included?

  • Station #1) Six Collaborative Art Posters
  • Station #2) Looking Back: A Reflection on the Past Year
  • Station #3) Looking Ahead: Thinking About & Setting Goals For the New Year
  • Station #4) Fireworks Comprehension Passage & Question Set
  • Station #4 Alternative – What I Need
  • Audio Files
  • Editable Station Directions

Your students will appreciate getting the opportunity to ease back into school routines. Each station should take approximately 15-20 minutes, depending on your students. Plus, you can display their collaborative art posters throughout your room or in the hall for a New Year refresh!

Collaborative Posters: Refresh your classroom community by completing an inspirational poster together. Each student will put their unique mark on a poster piece. Afterward, assemble the pieces to see the final product!

Reflection: Students will complete a “Year in Review” activity as they think back on their experiences over the past twelve months. Then, they will look to the new year as they think about their goals and desires.

Nonfiction Passage & Question Set: Students will read about the history and science behind fireworks and New Year’s. Then, students will cite text evidence, define key vocabulary words, describe the main idea, and outline events.

What I Need: As an alternative, replace any station with a “What I Need” station and give students 15 minutes to clean out their binders, check out a new book, or other teacher-approved activity.

EDITABLE: The station directions ARE editable, so feel free to edit or change them to meet your individual needs.

✅ Welcome the new year with a bang and make sure your first day back is full of fun and engaging activities with these New Year’s Station Activities!


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