Middle School Reading Units for the Elements of Literature


If coming up with thorough & engaging middle school reading units that address the major elements of literature has ever made you feel frustrated, overwhelmed, or even unsure, I made this bundle of mini-units just for you. This mega-bundle will become your complete toolkit for teaching the elements of literature this year!




Elements of Fiction

  • Elements of Fiction Unit Intro
  • Characterization Activities
  • Conflict Task Cards
  • Plot Structure Interactive Notebook Activity
  • Point of View Scavenger Hunt
  • Setting Creative Writing Activity
  • Theme Comic Strips

Elements of Nonfiction

  • Elements of Nonfiction Unit Intro
  • Main Idea & Key Details – Passages & Graphic Organizers
  • Nonfiction Text Features Collage
  • Nonfiction Text Structure Passages & Graphic Organizers
  • Author’s Purpose & Point of View Brochure

Elements of Poetry

  • Elements of Poetry Unit Intro
  • Poetry Structure Scavenger Hunt
  • Sound Devices
  • Imagery Stations
  • Figurative Language in Songs
  • Poetic Voice (Poet, Speaker, Tone, Mood)
  • Theme Blackout
  • TP-CASTT Poetry Analysis Brochures

Elements of Argument

  • Elements of Argument Unit Intro
  • Tracing Arguments with “Smash, Boom, Best”, a Podcast Study
  • Argument-Based Daily Quick Writes

Elements of Drama

  • Elements of Drama Unit Intro
  • Drama Analysis Brochures for ANY Script

This year-long bundle of middle school reading units will free up valuable planning time and will help you to create a cohesive and predictable way of rolling out new content.

What grade level is this best for?

I designed this resource to be used with my 6th grade Language Arts class. It could easily be used with 5th, 7th, or 8th-grade classes depending on the skill of your class. However, please use your professional discretion if deciding to use this resource with different grade levels!

What prep work is required?

It depends on the individual resources. Some resources require you to provide the text, however, many resources are also stand-alone lessons that are ready to print/assign and go. This mega-bundle is designed to save you valuable planning time.

What Other Teachers Have Had To Say About these Middle School Reading Units:


“I loved this bundle and so did my students. Students were very engaged with the activities as they are easy for them to relate to. I will continue to use this with my students to teach elements of fiction.”


“Great resource for reviewing elements of non-fiction. Also, I love the brochure assignment!! It can work with any informational text. I used this with 8th graders and my lessons turned out beautifully! 🙂 thank you!”


“This is an outstanding product! Thank you for your time and effort in creating it! I began using this with my students last week as a way to help them understand and strengthen the skill of argument writing. I’m very impressed with this and my students are responding well so far!”


“This resource is fabulous! I love that the PowerPoints were editable so that I could adjust them to fit my style. The guided notes were a life saver — great way to keep kids engaged, plus I could print the examples for any students who were absent. This bundle helped me to get students excited about poetry and keep them engaged. I will definitely recommend this bundle to other teachers and use it in the future.”

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