Literary Genre Scavenger Hunt Activity


Teaching genres of literature? You’re in the right spot! I love to use this literary genre scavenger hunt activity to review the various categories I want my students to be talking about all year long.


Scavenger hunts are a great way to get kids engaged and moving throughout the room. They also help you easily identify students who may need more support so you can provide them with timely feedback. If you are teaching literary genres, this engaging scavenger hunt activity is sure to be a hit with your students.

How do I facilitate this?

Scavenger hunts are very similar to, “I have…, who has…?” questions. Students read the question at the bottom, solve, then find the answer around the room. When they’ve located the answer, they complete the question underneath the answer. By the time they’ve answered their final question, they should return back to the question they started with, having completed their circuit!

What’s included?

↠ Activity Prep and Facilitation Guide

↠ 15 Various Genre Questions

↠ Student Recording Sheets

↠ Answer Key

Not sure if you’re ready for this? See how I introduce genre and get students ready for this activity here.


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