Literary Genre Extension Tasks


While teaching my literary genre unit, I challenged my gifted and talented learners with these higher-level thinking extension activities to show their understanding of the characteristics of each genre. Not only will your students love these two activities, but you will get to see them write creatively and integrate math into the content area!


What’s included?

Plotting Genres incorporates math in the content area (WIN!) and encourages discussion among students (ANOTHER WIN!). Each graph has opposing traits on the x-axis and the y-axis. Students evaluate the genres and determine where they fall on each axis. It’s so fun to listen to them debate while doing this activity! As a bonus, an extra graph with blank x- and y-axes is included. Students can create their own!

Genre Meets Genre encourages students to think creatively and personify genres. Imagine Thriller has just met Poetry… write what happens! They’ll have to dig deep to integrate genre characteristics into their “characters” as they write. Be prepared to be amazed!


↠ These activities were designed for my Gifted and Talented 6th Grade Language Arts class. Please use your discretion when attempting to use these activities with another grade level.

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