Informative Quick Writes


Invite your students to engage, explore, explain, evaluate, and elaborate on a variety of topics through their informative quick writes. Students will have opportunities to explore writing in a variety of nonfiction genres over the course of up to 5 weeks. These slides are great for face-to-face instruction in a traditional setting or will work well for distance learning if shared through your educational platform!


In these slides you will find a variety of informative quick writes. Some tasks invite students to reflect on an experience or express their thoughts on an issue while others invite them to explore different concepts and elaborate on their personal beliefs. The last few slides offer a chance to incorporate current events into your quick writes through images, infographics, and graphs. It is really important that you offer a time for discussion with these writing prompts, either before writing, after writing, or both! 

Your purchase includes Google Slides that contain 5-weeks worth of nonfiction writing prompts!

Some prompts are better suited for older students. If your students aren’t ready to explore sensitive topics, feel free to delete the slides before sharing them with your students.

Google Drive Note: This purchase will download a PDF containing a link to make a copy of Google Slides. 

There is no additional prep work required. The beauty of this purchase is that I’ve made it easy to present the slides and go – saving you valuable planning and grading time! The slides ARE editable, so you may tweak the focus points/craft moves for your students if needed.

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