Independent and Dependent Clauses | Slide Deck, Worksheets, Activities, & More


If planning your lessons on independent and dependent clauses has you feeling less than thrilled, let me help! This CLAUSE CAFE mini-unit makes teaching phrases, clauses, and sentence types a sweet treat. From the editable slide deck to the interactive activities, worksheets, and quizzes, this resource has it all!


Transform your classroom into a cozy cafe that your students actually *want* to visit. This thematic grammar resource has all the coffee, donut, and sweet pastry references your students are interested in, and all the rich grammar content you’re looking for.

You’ll start with the basics and help your students understand the difference between phrases and clauses. Then, you’ll deepen their knowledge of clauses by helping them distinguish between independent and dependent clauses. Finally, they’ll look at different sentence types and understand the difference between simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Editable Slide Deck
  • Worksheets for each phase of the learning progression
  • Task Cards
  • Exit Ticket/Quiz

… ALL in both digital and printable versions!

Want to make it multisensory? Grab some donuts and a hot beverage (like decaf coffee, hot cocoa, or cider), turn on an acoustic coffeehouse playlist, and display this cozy cafe scene. You will love getting your planning time back with this easy-to-use mini-unit, and your students will love the engaging tasks!

Prep is quick and easy! Powerpoint and Google Slides versions are provided for everything. The content is ready to assign or display and go!

Students can work on this whole group, at stations, or individually depending on your preferences and your technology availability.


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