Holes Unit Activities Bundle | An Integrated Novel Study 2.0


If your students could benefit from a spiral review of multiple skills, you will LOVE my integrated & upgraded novel study! This Holes unit comes with everything you need to keep your students fresh on their skills in both digital and printable versions. Gone are the days of boring worksheets that dissect every chapter! With this bundle, your students will get much needed practice with various skills and will have a blast doing it!


With your purchase, you will receive:

  • Literary Element Flipbook (Analyze setting, characters, conflict, plot, and theme)
  • Quick Write Journal Prompts (Daily Writing Activities)
  • Vocabulary List & Multiple Activities
  • Paired Nonfiction Passages (Provide background knowledge, refresh nonfiction skills)
  • STEM Challenges *Not digital
  • … and a Culminating Escape Room!


How do you suggest using this?

Here is a sample routine for how you can spiral concepts with a novel study:

  • Day 1: Read Novel + Paired Writing Prompt
  • Day 2: Read Novel + Paired Vocabulary Activity
  • Day 3: Read Novel + Paired Nonfiction Text
  • Day 4: Read Novel + Flipbook Activity
  • Day 5: Read Novel + STEM Activity

Repeat the process above for four weeks – at which point you have hopefully finished the novel and can complete the escape room!

Other ideas? These activities make for great station rotations or center activities!

What grade level is this best for?

I designed this resource to be used with my 6th grade Language Arts class. If using with any other grade level or content area, please use your professional discretion!

Any other questions?

Please email me at I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback! I love to hear what my buyers have to say, how the product worked for them, and any feedback I can use to improve my product!

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