Holes by Louis Sachar Quick Write Journal Prompts


Reading Louis Sachar’s book Holes? You’ll love these digital and printable novel-based quick write journal prompts! Get students writing routinely by using these prompts as your warm-ups, wrap-ups, early finisher tasks, or extensions! This resource will save you time and energy as it is ready to print or assign and go.


How do I use these Holes Quick Writes?

You can print the PDF two-sided (4 pages total), staple, and distribute to each student, or you can make a copy of the Google Slide Digital Journal and assign on your Learning Management System. Once you’ve shared it with students, you might:

  • Launch your daily reading time with a quick-write
  • Conclude the reading session with journalling
  • Assign as a station rotation activity
  • Use as an early finisher task

The possibilities are endless!

What grade level is this best for?

I designed this resource to be used with my 6th grade Language Arts class. If using with any other grade level or content area, please use your professional discretion!

How long will each prompt take?

I only give students 5-10 minutes to write in response to the prompt. These low-pressure quick writes aren’t necessarily “teaching” or “assessing” moments. They offer opportunities for students to work on their craft while reflecting on events that occur in the book.

Any other questions?

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