Holes Flip Book for Louis Sachar’s Novel


Teachers looking for an alternative way to challenge their students while reading Louis Sachar’s novel will LOVE this interactive Holes flip-book! Each flap is purposeful with encouraging students to use their critical thinking skills as they consider Sachar’s development of the setting, characters, conflict, plot, and theme of the novel. Rest assured that your purchase includes both digital and printable versions!


What kind of literary element activities are students required to do with this Holes flip book?

  • Describing the setting of the story and considering how it impacts the plot and characters
  • Evaluating how the protagonist grows and changes throughout the story
  • Identifying examples of internal and external conflict
  • Mapping out the plot of the story on a plot diagram, identifying critical moments in the story as well as evaluating how/why Sachar used flashbacks
  • Reflecting on powerful quotes/words of wisdom in the text and identifying the central message or theme of the book.

What grade level is this Holes flip book best for?

I designed this resource to be used with my 6th grade Language Arts class. If using with any other grade level or content area, please use your professional discretion!

Any other questions?

Please email me at admin@heynatayle.com. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

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