Holes by Louis Sachar Digital Escape Room


Teachers looking for a fun way to wrap up Louis Sachar’s novel Holes will love this no-prep and easy to use digital escape room! Escape Camp Green Lake includes several engaging and challenging tasks that are sure to conclude your unit in a memorable way.


How does this Holes Digital Escape Room work?

  • Housed on a private Google Site
  • Tasks are embedded or hidden within the site.
  • Codes can be attempted in the form embedded in the webpage.

Your purchase will give you a PDF with the necessary link to access and answer keys! Simply share the link with your students and you are ready to play! You’ll also receive an exciting video to share with your kids to launch the escape room.

What grade level is this best for?

I designed this resource to be used with my 6th grade Language Arts class. If using with any other grade level or content area, please use professional discretion and adjust feedback accordingly.

How long will this escape room take?

You know your learners best. In most of my classes, I expect my students to take 30-45 minutes to complete this escape. In a 60-minute class period, this allows time for me to complete a warm-up, take attendance, and get kids in the spirit. It gives them time to work through the four breakouts, and still leaves time at the end for a reflection.

What prep is required?

None! The only prep I suggest is that you take time to work through the escape on your own before assigning it to students. This gives you time to troubleshoot or work through kinks without pressure. You can always email me at nataylebrown@gmail.com with questions!

*Seller’s Note: This resource requires you to access and share a Google Site from someone outside your domain. Additionally, students must be able to access Google Slides and Jigsaw Planet to complete the tasks. Please check with your tech department to ensure that students will be able to access these links without firewall or security issues. It is your responsibility to check this before purchasing. Any feedback left for tech issues is not a reflection of the quality of resource.

Any other questions?

Feel free to shoot me an email me at admin@heynatayle.com. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

Don’t forget to leave me feedback! I love to hear what my buyers have to say, how the product worked for them, and any feedback I can use to improve my product!

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