Middle School Icebreakers for the First Day of School – Would You Rather?


Get to know your students on the first day of school with this ready-to-use “Would You Rather” middle school icebreaker activity! These questions will engage, connect, & spark excitement in your students this back to school season!


If you teach in the middle school setting, you know how difficult it can be to plan icebreaker activities that students won’t have already done in another class. With these 30 would you rather questions, you can rest assured that they will be excited to jump up, participate, and share a bit about who they are!

There are two versions included!

⭐️ Version 1: Vote With Your Feet

Get your students up and moving on the first day of school by having them answer the would you rather questions with their feet!

Use the included presentation to display each question on your whiteboard. Have students vote with their feet and move to the right/left side of the room to “answer.”

This ensures every student gets to answer, PLUS it helps to get rid of those back to school jitters.

⭐️ Version 2: Small Group Round Robin

Have your students get to know each other in smaller groups, like table groups or partners.

Print & cut the included would you rather cards and give each group a set. Have students draw a card and answer the questions in a round-robin format.

This version of the icebreaker removes the movement component but allows your middle school students to get to know a smaller group of students better!

Tips For Using This Icebreaker Activity on the First Day of School

You can have students answer all the questions on the first day of school, and it will take about 15-20 minutes, depending on how much they talk when sharing.

Or, you can spread the 30 would you rather questions out over the first week of school! Answer ~6 questions per day as your warm-up, bell-ringer, or entrance ticket.

The possibilities are endless!


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