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    Argument Writing Prompts – Daily ELA Warm-Ups


    Looking to help your middle school ELA students master argument writing? Get your kids thinking about arguments using topics they are familiar with (and love) using this set of argument writing prompts. These quick writes make the perfect bell-ringer activity to practice drafting arguments in less than 5 minutes per day!

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  • Informative Quick WritesQuick View

    Informative Quick Writes


    Invite your students to engage, explore, explain, evaluate, and elaborate on a variety of topics through their informative quick writes. Students will have opportunities to explore writing in a variety of nonfiction genres over the course of up to 5 weeks. These slides are great for face-to-face instruction in a traditional setting or will work well for distance learning if shared through your educational platform!

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  • Narrative Quick WritesQuick View

    Narrative Quick Writes


    Implementing low-pressure daily quick writes throughout your narrative writing unit is a great way to support your students through the writing process! These digital quick write prompts will help you bring quality mentor texts into your classroom routine with ease – no more spending valuable time scouring the internet for quality content!

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  • new year's station activitiesQuick View

    New Year’s Station Activities – Year in Review, Goal Setting, & More!


    This set of New Year’s Station Activities is the perfect way to welcome your students back to school and get them excited about the upcoming year. These stations will build your classroom community and encourage your students to reflect on the past year while planning for the future. Engage your students and help them start off the year on the right foot with these creative and fun stations!

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  • poetry quick writeQuick View

    Poetry Quick Writes


    Studying poetry? Why not invite your students to try out different poetic techniques in their writing journals every day? This set of poetry quick writes takes just 5-10 minutes per day and invites students to try out a variety of craft moves and ideas for exploration. 30 days of quick write prompts are included!

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  • Sale! Quick Write BundleQuick View

    Writing Prompt BUNDLE – Narrative, Informational, Argument, & Poetry Genres


    Teachers, if you are looking for ways to improve your middle school students’ writing skills, I highly encourage you to try using quick writes each day! This quick write bundle will give you four different genres of quick writes – each containing 30 prompts! That’s a total of 120 days worth of low-pressure writing prompts!

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