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    Ray Bradbury’s The Veldt Activities & Escape Room Bundle


    Ray Bradbury’s short stories are always a hit with the students. This bundle of “The Veldt Activities & Escape Room” is no different! These short story activities and culminating escape room will ensure the dystopian short story is memorable for years to come. You’ll receive engaging and creative activities that will encourage your students to interact with The Veldt in various, high-level ways.

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  • zero hour short story activities and worksheetsQuick View

    Ray Bradbury’s Zero Hour Short Story Activities and Worksheets


    Looking for a new scary story to study this fall? Try a Ray Bradbury favorite – Zero Hour! This packet of Zero Hour short story activities and worksheets will give your students plenty of engaging ways to interact with the scary story. A wide variety of no-prep activities are included, making it easy for you to differentiate your instruction, extend the learning for your early finishers, or provide student choice. Printable? Digital? It’s all included to save YOU time.

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  • genre worksheetsQuick View

    Reading Genres Activities – Genre Worksheets for Gifted Students or Higher Level Thinking


    Spice up your genre activities for your gifted upper elementary and early middle school students with these higher-level genre worksheets! Designed for students already familiar with reading genre basics, these engaging extension activities will take their thinking to the next level. Encourage creativity and critical thinking as students explore the characteristics of each genre in unique ways.

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  • story element analysisQuick View

    Reading Stations For ANY Fiction Text – Story Element Analysis – Digital & Print


    As you wrap up your short-story or novel with your students, consider reviewing the elements of fiction with these story element analysis stations! Your students will analyze how the author develops the characters, conflict, plot, setting, and theme in an engaging and creative way. They’ll appreciate the choice and open-ended questions, and you’ll enjoy using this resource again and again with any text!

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  • build background knowledge and strengthen real-world connections? Check out my Refugee Nonfiction Reading Comprehension PassagesQuick View

    Refugee by Alan Gratz Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages


    Are you teaching Refugee by Alan Gratz and looking for an opportunity to build background knowledge and strengthen real-world connections? Check out my Refugee Nonfiction Reading Comprehension Passages for novel-based informational text passages with standards-aligned comprehension checks.

    This paired passage set includes four nonfiction texts that provide critical background information to complement events in the novel.

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    Refugee by Alan Gratz Novel Activities and Worksheets


    Take your Refugee novel study to the next level with these interactive, high-quality activities! You’ll love these unique Refugee novel activities and worksheets that encourage students to use important reading, writing, and thinking skills.

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    Refugee by Alan Gratz Novel Study Unit Bundle


    Fall in love with teaching your Refugee by Alan Gratz Novel Study with this comprehensive, standards-aligned unit, guaranteed to help you review and incorporate a variety of literary skills. With this Refugee Novel Study Unit Bundle, you’ll receive ready-to-use novel activities that will guide your students through the book like never before.

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  • refugee by alan gratz vocabulary worksheets and activitiesQuick View

    Refugee by Alan Gratz Vocabulary Worksheets and Activities


    Are you searching for high-quality word work activities to pair with Refugee by Alan Gratz? Download this Refugee by Alan Gratz Vocabulary Worksheets and Activities packet, and get easy-to-use vocabulary activities to accompany your novel study. With this resource, you’ll get a comprehensive list of recommended vocabulary terms as well as worksheets, graphic organizers, and templates to stay organized.

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  • refugee informational text one pager research projectQuick View

    Refugee Text Based One Pager Research Project


    Are you teaching Refugee by Alan Gratz and looking for a way to build strong real-world connections based on the rich topics of the novel? Try this Refugee Text Based One Pager Research Project specifically created to complement your novel study!

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  • Lamb to the Slaughter Short Story ActivitiesQuick View

    Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter Short Story Analysis Activities (Horror)


    You’ll love these short story analysis activities for Roald Dahl’s Lamb to the Slaughter horror story! This resource contains a wide variety of no-prep worksheets for the short story, including a plot diagram, characterization tasks, a wanted poster, and more! Printable? Digital? It’s all included to save precious planning time!

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  • Sale! scary short story activitiesQuick View

    Scary Short Story Activities & Escape Rooms for a Horror Unit


    If you’ve been searching high and low for some scary short story activities for your horror unit, you can stop the search here. This bundle of dystopian short story activities & escape rooms will help you thrill your students while feeling prepared and effective.

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  • ela winter station activitiesQuick View

    Snowflake Informational Passages – ELA Winter Station Activities


    Deciding what to do those last few days leading up to winter break can be tricky. Fortunately, I think you’ll LOVE these ELA winter station activities! Your students will jump into a study of snowflakes, complete with informational passages, multimedia, writing activities, a snowflake craft, and more!

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  • sorry wrong numberQuick View

    Sorry Wrong Number by Lucille Fletcher – Elements of Drama Activities for RL.6.7


    Make reviewing the elements of drama unforgettable with Lucille Fletcher’s short story Sorry Wrong NumberThis 5-day lesson plan includes an editable PowerPoint & Google Slides slideshow, plus various student activities that promote deeper thinking about the elements of drama and the elements of fiction. Easy to use, highly engaging, and no prep. Could it get any better?

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  • speaker in poetryQuick View

    Speaker in Poetry Mini-Lesson


    Introduce your students to the speaker in poetry with this comprehensive no-prep lesson plan. Using the various included resources, you’ll help them differentiate between the poet and the speaker and analyze the speaker’s tone and point of view.  

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  • the creeping hour podcast studyQuick View

    The Creeping Hour Podcast Study – After State Testing & End of Year Activities!


    Looking for a fun, no-prep listening activity for your Language Arts class? Your students will LOVE this podcast study for “The Creeping Hour,” and you’ll love these companion sheets! These five terrifying tales make the perfect activity to use when wrapping up state testing, before/after a school break, or with a sub! Digital & printable versions are included.

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  • the elevator by william sleator escape roomQuick View

    The Elevator by William Sleator Escape Room – Digital, Printable, & Editable!


    Wrap up William Sleator’s chilling short story The Elevator with an unforgettable & standards-based escape room. This literary-elements-themed escape room activity will have your students 100% engaged and 100% challenged! Use this scary short story escape room in October, with your short story unit, or anytime during the school year to review the literary elements!

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