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  • holes novel study activitiesQuick View

    Holes Novel Study Activities – Paired Informational Passages


    Looking to build background knowledge and integrate nonfiction with your Holes novel study activities? Check out my four paired informational passages for Holes and see how you can spiral review informational text while reading Louis Sachar’s beloved book Holes. These passages will make the perfect companion to your novel.

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  • Sale! holes novel study unitQuick View

    Holes Novel Study Unit


    Fall in love with teaching novel studies using this comprehensive and engaging Holes novel study unit, guaranteed to help you teach Louis Sachar’s novel in an engaging and hands-on way. With this Holes book study, you’ll receive ready-to-use novel activities that will help your students connect with the book like never before, like:

    • A Story Element Flipbook
    • Vocabulary Activities
    • Paired Nonfiction Passages
    • Journal Prompts
    • STEM Challenges
    • & An Escape Room!
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  • holes pre reading writing activitiesQuick View

    Holes Pre Reading Chapter Activities – Quick Write Journal Prompts


    Engage students in meaningful, enriching Holes pre reading activities using these journalprompts. These quick writes will help your students make text-to-self and text-to-world connections as they read Louis Sachar’s novel. These Holes journal prompts are the perfect pre reading routine, occasional end-of-chapter activities, or station activity to complement the novel!

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  • holes activities and stem challengesQuick View

    Holes STEM Challenges – Engaging, Hands-On Holes Activities


    Take your Holes novel study to the next level with these interactive, hands-on STEM Challenges! You’ll love how engaging these unique, real-world Holes activities are, and your students will have a blast trying to rise to the challenge. With each of the four novel-based challenges, your students will think critically, problem-solve, and collaborate!

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  • imagery and sensory language in poetryQuick View

    Imagery and Sensory Language in Poetry Activity and Mini-Lesson


    Captivate your students and help them explore imagery and sensory language in poetry in a whole new way. This resource includes a no-prep slideshow to review imagery and sensory language, engaging and hands-on “sensory stations” to get students’ creative juices flowing, and additional application tasks to cement the learning!

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  • informational textQuick View

    Informational Text Passages and Standards Based Questions Grades 6-8 – The Lincoln Highway


    Are you looking for high-interest, CCSS-aligned nonfiction texts for your middle school students? Download my Informational Text Passages with Standards-Based Questions and review critical informational common core standards while teaching valuable historical content! Your students will be able to practice their informational reading and writing skills with targeted question sets, engaging grade-level passages, creative literacy activities, graphic organizers, and more.

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  • intro to horror genreQuick View

    Intro to Horror – Elements of Horror Genre Mini-Study For ANY Scary Short Story!


    Launch your scary story unit with this introduction to the elements of horror genre study! This engaging intro will give your middle school students that “just right” level of information to understand how fear, suspense, setting/imagery, foreshadowing, and mystery create those scary short stories we know and love. Use the PowerPoint, interactive notetaker, and stations to hook your ELA students this Halloween or any time of the year!

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  • elements of drama introductionQuick View

    Introduction to the Elements of Drama – Anchor Charts, Mini-Lesson, & Guided Notes


    Make your introduction to the elements of drama interactive with this mini-lesson & guided sketch notes! This drama unit introduction includes an editable slideshow and a paired doodle-style note-taker students complete while you teach. Easy to use, thorough, and low-prep makes this lesson perfect for launching your new unit!

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  • journal writing prompts for refugee by alan gratzQuick View

    Journal Writing Prompts for Refugee by Alan Gratz


    Engaging students in meaningful, enriching journal writing prompts is a great way to process the novel Refugee by Alan Gratz. Use these journal writing prompts to help your students think critically about what they’ve read with relevant journal questions. These novel-based writing prompts are perfect for routine writing, warm-ups, exit tickets, early finishers, extension activities, class discussions, and more.

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  • literary genre activitiesQuick View

    Literary Genre Activities – Book Genres Review, Doodle Notes, Genre Sort & More!


    Ready to give your students a proper introduction to your classroom library? Look no further than these interactive literary genre activities! With the interactive genre notes, riddles, book sort, and other activities, your students will be masters of book genres in no time!

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  • literary genre activitiesQuick View

    Literary Genre Activities – Scavenger Hunt Genre Review


    Get ready to give your students an engaging & creative literary genre review! This scavenger hunt will get your students up and out of their seats, identifying book genres by various characteristics and completing the question loop around the room.

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  • new year's station activitiesQuick View

    New Year’s Station Activities – Year in Review, Goal Setting, & More!


    This set of New Year’s Station Activities is the perfect way to welcome your students back to school and get them excited about the upcoming year. These stations will build your classroom community and encourage your students to reflect on the past year while planning for the future. Engage your students and help them start off the year on the right foot with these creative and fun stations!

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  • nonfiction text featuresQuick View

    Nonfiction Text Features Scavenger Hunt, Collage, & Interactive Notetaker


    Students love this interactive nonfiction text features scavenger hunt and collage activity because they get an opportunity to review text features in a hands-on way! With this complete resource, you’ll get an editable slideshow, a thorough text features notetaker, and two text features activities for students to complete. Both printable and digital versions are included!

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  • nonfiction text structuresQuick View

    Nonfiction Text Structures Mini-Lesson


    Teach nonfiction text structures in a clear and organized way with this one-stop Text Structures bundle! This robust teaching resource includes a mini-lesson, high-interest informational text passages, text structure graphic organizers, and standards-aligned question sets to help you teach text structures in an engaging way.

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  • plot structureQuick View

    Plot Diagram Mini-Lesson | Plot Structure Practice with Pixar & Greek Myths!


    Do your students need practice with the plot diagram? I’ve got you covered! With this no-prep mini-lesson, you’ll have everything you need to teach your students the plot structure and give them plenty of opportunities to practice. From Pixar shorts to podcasts to Greek Myths, mastering the plot elements has never been easier!

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  • Poetry Structure MinilessonQuick View

    Poetry Forms and Structure Mini-Lesson – Presentation, Worksheets, Scavenger Hunt


    Make teaching poetry forms and structure fun with this complete mini-lesson and an interactive scavenger hunt! This Poetry Structure mini-lesson includes a no-prep editable presentation, a student note catcher, two practice worksheets, and a fun question trail review. This makes the perfect lesson for exploring poetry structures in an easy and engaging way. Quick and easy setup, plus digital options for virtual learners or tech-infused classrooms!

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