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    Elements of Literature Unit Introductions & Doodle Note One Pagers


    If you’re a middle school teacher, this Genre Introduction bundle is just what you need to jump-start your units. Teaching the elements of fiction, nonfiction, arguments, poetry, and drama have never been easier. This mini-bundle will help you introduce each unit and lay solid foundations for the different elements. Perfect to use for regular ELA, remedial classes, reviews, and more!

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  • nonfiction text introductionQuick View

    Elements of Nonfiction Introduction – All About Informational Text


    Are you looking for engaging ways to introduce your informational text unit? This Elements of Nonfiction introduction is a great place to start. With the no-prep slideshow and paired note-taker, your students will briefly review the essential elements of nonfiction text. This informational text introduction is a quick and easy way to refresh students’ nonfiction skills and set your unit up for success!

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    Elements of Nonfiction Text Unit | A Comprehension Toolkit | Intermediate ELA Minilessons


    Launching your nonfiction text unit? Get access to thorough, research-based nonfiction mini-lessons and activities that you can feel good about! This nonfiction comprehension toolkit breaks down the elements of nonfiction in easy, digestible ways for middle school students. These nonfiction reading lessons are perfect to use for regular ELA, intervention classes, station rotations, and more!

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  • sound devices in poetryQuick View

    Elements of Poetry Sound Devices Mini-Lesson


    Are you looking for an engaging and educational way to teach the nuances of sound devices in poetry to your students? Then look no further than this Poetry Sound Devices Mini-Lesson! This comprehensive mini-lesson covers everything from rhythm, meter, and rhyme to assonance, consonance, alliteration, and even onomatopoeia!

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    Elements of Poetry Unit for Middle School | Poetry Analysis Mini-Lessons


    Get Access to 8 Complete Poetry Mini-Lessons Guaranteed to Make Simplify Your Poetry Unit! Teachers love this comprehensive bundle that breaks down the elements of poetry into simple, digestible lessons proven to engage students and cover critical content. Each lesson comes ready-to-use with slideshows, interactive notetakers, and fun activities for middle school students.

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  • Elements of Poetry Unit IntroductionQuick View

    Elements of Poetry Unit Introduction


    Introducing your students to the world of poetry is as easy as 1-2-3 using this Elements of Poetry Unit Introduction! With the no-prep slide deck and paired guided notetaker, your students will briefly review poetry form and structure, poetic devices, voice, and theme. This poetry unit intro is a quick and easy way to refresh students’ skills in reading and analyzing poetry!

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  • famous outlaws key ideas and detailsQuick View

    Famous Outlaws Informational Text Set for Key Ideas and Details RI.6.1-RI.6.3


    Are you looking to help your students master their informational text standards? Download my Key Ideas and Details skill-based text set and you’ll be able to do just that – while exploring a topic your middle school students will love: famous western outlaws!

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  • figurative language in poetryQuick View

    Figurative Language in Poetry Mini-Lesson – Including a Song Lyric Activity!


    Let your students explore figurative language in poetry like never before! With this easy-to-use, no-prep mini-lesson, you can familiarize your students with the basic types of figurative language, such as Personification, Simile, Metaphor, Onomatopoeia, Idioms, and Hyperbole. Then, give them a chance to practice analyzing these devices through an engaging song analysis activity!

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    Fish Cheeks Thanksgiving Holiday Close Read and Short Research Project


    Looking for a way to tie a powerful short story and a Thanksgiving activity into one short but challenging project? Look no further. This three-day plan will help you incorporate Amy Tan’s personal narrative, “Fish Cheeks,” with a meaningful dive into cultural customs around the dining table. Students will complete a compare + contrast activity and a mini-research project. A perfect way to combine close reading, research, and writing in a unique, cross-curricular way!

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  • holes escape roomQuick View

    Holes Escape Room – Escape Camp Green Lake


    Calling all adventurous teachers: if you’re looking for engaging Holes novel activities, don’t miss this Holes escape room! You’ll love being able to use this activity to follow up on teaching one of Louis Sachar’s most beloved books. Your students must use their problem-solving skills and knowledge of the book to solve the challenging puzzles and escape Camp Green Lake before class runs out!

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  • holes novel activities literary elements flip bookQuick View

    Holes Novel Activities – Literary Elements Print & Digital Flipbook


    Take your Holes novel study to the next level with this interactive, literary element flipbook! These standards-aligned tasks make the perfect Holes novel activities to complement your book study. Students will consider the development of the setting, characters, conflict, plot, and theme throughout their reading of Holes.

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  • holes vocabulary activitiesQuick View

    Holes Novel Study – Vocabulary Activities Digital & Printable


    If you are searching for high-quality vocabulary activities to pair with your Holes novel study, look no further! Download my easy-to-use vocabulary activities to bolster your Louis Sachar novel study. With this resource, you’ll get a comprehensive list of recommended vocabulary words as well as graphic organizers and worksheets.

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  • holes novel study activitiesQuick View

    Holes Novel Study Activities – Paired Informational Passages


    Looking to build background knowledge and integrate nonfiction with your Holes novel study activities? Check out my four paired informational passages for Holes and see how you can spiral review informational text while reading Louis Sachar’s beloved book Holes. These passages will make the perfect companion to your novel.

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    Holes Novel Study Unit


    Fall in love with teaching novel studies using this comprehensive and engaging Holes novel study unit, guaranteed to help you teach Louis Sachar’s novel in an engaging and hands-on way. With this Holes book study, you’ll receive ready-to-use novel activities that will help your students connect with the book like never before, like:

    • A Story Element Flipbook
    • Vocabulary Activities
    • Paired Nonfiction Passages
    • Journal Prompts
    • STEM Challenges
    • & An Escape Room!
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  • holes pre reading writing activitiesQuick View

    Holes Pre Reading Chapter Activities – Quick Write Journal Prompts


    Engage students in meaningful, enriching Holes pre reading activities using these journalprompts. These quick writes will help your students make text-to-self and text-to-world connections as they read Louis Sachar’s novel. These Holes journal prompts are the perfect pre reading routine, occasional end-of-chapter activities, or station activity to complement the novel!

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  • holes activities and stem challengesQuick View

    Holes STEM Challenges – Engaging, Hands-On Holes Activities


    Take your Holes novel study to the next level with these interactive, hands-on STEM Challenges! You’ll love how engaging these unique, real-world Holes activities are, and your students will have a blast trying to rise to the challenge. With each of the four novel-based challenges, your students will think critically, problem-solve, and collaborate!

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