You know what kind of classroom decor I like the most? The kind that I don’t have to change out often. My classroom decor has stayed the same for the last THREE years. Walls, bulletin boards, whiteboards, you name it. This was a pretty big deal for me because prior to that, I was the teacher who did a complete classroom makeover every summer. Save your energy – don’t be that teacher. (Unless you really, really love to do it, and your wallet does, too). So how did I swing it without it looking like a mess? I found “evergreen” classroom decor that made me feel inspired and focused without feeling overstimulated. Enter my outdoor adventure-themed classroom decor…

Outdoor adventure themed classroom decor

The Why

I’ve always been conscientious of classroom decor that is gender-neutral because I want all students to connect with our learning space. I also live in Colorado, which means being outdoors is a big part of the local culture. I mean, our first overnight field trip is to the Rockies! So with these two priorities in mind, I built an outdoor adventure-themed classroom decor set using a lot of mountain and hiking-themed accents.


I created a series of posters that could be hung in small or large spaces. Personally, I like to send my posters to a local print shop and have them printed on 24″ x 36″ posters. It’s a little pricey, like $7-9 per poster, but they are thick, glossy, and look proportional on classroom walls, so I think they are worth it! These posters would look cute on the fadeless rustic farmhouse wood paper, but I personally love the fadeless white wood paper.

Outdoor classroom poster decor


Next, I created wood banners and rounds that could be printed and hung literally anywhere in the room. I like to post the weekly agenda on the whiteboard for my students to use when filling out their planners, so I built the rounds with this in mind. Other places these banners and rounds can be used could include:

  • Bulletin Board Headings
  • Desk or Table Numbers
  • Turn-in Baskets
  • Device Assignments
  • Word Walls


I made a variety of mountain-themed labels that could be used for anything.

  • Turn-in Baskets
  • Word Wall Definitions
  • Class Library Organization/Book Bins
  • “I can” Statements or Unit Objectives
  • Supply Bins
  • Name Tags
  • Postcards or Awards
Outdoor themed labels

Binder Covers

Last but not least, how can you create cute outdoor classroom decor without including binder covers? If your binders don’t match, does it even count? Kidding! But really, these binder covers are super cute for holding your IEPs, Data, Evaluation Documents, or even just for keeping your unit plans organized.

Outdoor themed binder covers and poster templates

Insider tip – the binder covers can also be used for creating your own outdoor-themed posters!

Matching Syllabus, Newsletter and First Day Slides

Then, because I am Type A through and through, I created matching First Day & Daily Agenda slides, as well as a syllabus and newsletter template. My son had the nerve to ask, “Mom, would it kill you to not match everything?”

Outdoor themed syllabus and first day slideshow

If the mountains – and this decor set – are calling, you can grab these resources now by hitting that “add to cart” button below, or you can purchase them on Teachers Pay Teachers by clicking here.

I’d love to see pictures of your classroom when it’s complete! You can send photos, questions, and requests to