bright and bold language arts posters

If you’re an ELA teacher, chances are you’ve struggled to find purposeful yet beautiful language arts posters for your classroom. It’s often difficult to find ELA specific decor that complements learning is beautifully designed. As a result, most classrooms end up with a mismatched look. 

However, there is hope! I decided to take my experience as a digital creator and merge it with my needs as an ELA teacher. The result? I created bright and bold language arts poster sets that would be purposeful and customizable to help your classroom look its best! 

My bright and bold decor set includes posters for the different language arts components such as the elements of literature, literary genres, literary devices, grammar, and more. With a set like this, you can be sure that your language arts classroom is stylish and functional! 

Elements of Literature Posters

First and foremost, let’s tackle the heart of ELA: the elements of literature. ELA teachers will love using this set of elements of literature posters to complement their units! The posters cover the elements of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, argument, and drama. They are also visually appealing and customizable.

elements of literature language arts posters

Not only will these posters help your students recall important information, but they will also add a splash of color to your classroom. These posters are a must-have for any ELA teacher!

Genre Posters

Next up, let’s talk about classroom libraries. A classroom library is an excellent resource for teachers and students alike. Yes, it provides a wide variety of books for students to choose from. But more importantly, it helps to foster a love of reading. However, for a classroom library to be truly effective, it must be well organized. One way to do this is to sort and label the books by genre. It makes it easier for students to find the type of book they are looking for and helps them better understand the different genres. 

genre posters for language arts posters

If you want to improve your classroom library, genre posters are a great solution. You can organize and label your classroom library with a matching set of bright and bold genre posters. These posters provide a quick and easy way for students to identify the different genres.

Grammar & Writing Posters

Many grammar terms and concepts can be easily displayed on bulletin boards in any ELA classroom. A designated bulletin board will be highly beneficial if your students participate in a daily grammar task like DGP, bell-ringers, or mentor sentences. 

By having a reference of the parts of speech, parts of a sentence, and other grammar terms, your students will be able to remember and internalize the concepts much more quickly. For example, a sentence types display with reminders about simple, compound, and complex-compound sentences can be very helpful for students who have trouble understanding how to punctuate their sentences or need more variety in their writing. 

language arts posters and anchor charts

With frequent reference to these displays, students will gradually start to remember and use correct grammar in their own writing.

Literary Device & Figurative Language Posters

As an ELA teacher, you know that knowledge of literary devices is a vital piece in analyzing texts. From similes and metaphors to allusions and symbolism, these devices add richness and depth to literature. However, literary devices can also be difficult for students to remember. Display literary device themed language arts posters as you teach them. You’ll find students will refer back to them later in the unit!

language arts posters - literary devices

ELA Word Wall

Most language arts teachers grumble at the mention of having a word wall. I get it. Most of the time, I struggled just to prepare my lessons before the bell rang. However, I found that taking time at the beginning of the year to prepare a space and get my core academic vocabulary cards ready to hang made a big difference in my attitude.

language arts posters - vocabulary cards or word wall

Time and energy aside, a word wall is a powerful language arts tool that helps students in various ways:

  1. It provides a helpful reference for English language learners who may benefit from seeing words in print.
  2. It can be used to introduce new vocabulary or review concepts that have already been taught.
  3. A word wall can also be a valuable tool for encouraging student interaction and collaboration.

When students can contribute words to the word wall, they feel ownership over their learning and are more likely to engage with the material. 

Make your word wall easy to manage by assigning students to add new words or by having them take turns adding words as they are learned. 

Special Bonus

With this bright and bold language arts posters set, you’ll receive bonus content that includes decorative banners, customizable headings, and content-specific posters. It’s all text editable, so you can customize it to fit your specific needs!

language arts posters

With these ELA posters, you’ll be able to create a cohesive and stylish vibe for your classroom that will inspire your students to learn. Check it out below, and happy decorating!