hey, I’m Natayle.

I help 6th grade ELA teachers feel confident, prepared, and successful in the classroom by sharing simple yet engaging & research-based lesson plans.

6th grade ELA teacher

You’re passionate about your content and the students you teach, but you’re stressed out trying to do it all. It doesn’t have to be this hard.

Let me help take the guesswork out of planning and lesson design, so you can reignite your passion for teaching – and for life.

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I believe…

Rich literature is the key to unlocking comprehension, grammar instruction is essential, and rigor and engagement can coexist in the language arts classroom.

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When I first became a 6th grade ELA teacher, I felt a disconnect between being a reader and writer and teaching reading and writing. I struggled to break down the art of literature into meaningful lessons, fit everything in, and sprinkle in some fun along the way. Demystifying the content through simple, research-based lessons became my mission, & infusing those lessons with joy became my passion. Once I figured out how to turn confusion & overwhelm into confidence & excitement, I knew I needed to share it with others.

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